The rise and impact of the 3rd estate in the French Revolution.

 Analyze the rise and impact of the 3rd estate in the French Revolution. In case you need a prompt for your thinking, try this on for size. Did you see The Dark Knight Rises? Director Christopher Nolan said openly that he turned to the French Revolution and the novel A Tale of Two Cities to get his showdown between Bane and Batman correct over the soul of Gotham. OK—so, where, in The Dark Knight Rises do you see the reflection of the French Revolution? And trust me, it’s there in spades. In Bane’s speech made before Blackgate prison (the clip we saw in week two) Bane says this: “Step forward those who would serve for an army will be raised. The powerful will be ripped from their decadent nests, and cast out into the cold world that we know and endure. Courts will be convened. Spoils will be enjoyed. Blood will be shed.” Bane is calling out the people of Gotham, the equivalent of the Third Estate. But who are the Third Estate in 1789? In 1789, Abbe’ Sieyes wrote What is the Third Estate in an attempt to lay out the desires and dreams of the 3rd Estate in the increasingly chaotic political world of France. Using this work, you will analyze the impact of the Third Estate. Starting from Sieyes’ work, analyze the rise and impact of the 3rd estate in the French Revolution, including connection to Napoleon. The following is a suggested outline: First connect the writings and thinking of the Enlightenment figures, with Seiyes’ ideas. Here, you are showing what the major Enlightenment thinkers believed about government and the human condition. This should take you at least 1.5-2 pages. Do not get stuck here or go too deep—just demonstrate that you can see how Sieyes is standing on the foundation of the Enlightenment. Second, focus deeper on the rise and impact of the 3rd estate in the French Revolution. Be certain to discern the various disparate parts of the 3rd estate and their various wishes, hopes or dreams (Sieyes does NOT reflect all parts). Make sure you demonstrate the various moments when the 3rd estate provided the main impetus provoking the Revolution forward in its radicalism. (This should be 2-3 pages). This will take more research on the Revolution’s early years. Third, discuss (should be no more than 1 page) how, in your opinion, the rise of Napoleon is connected to the third estate. Was Napoleon’s rise to Emperor the consolidation or repudiation of the Revolution? Why did the third estate support him so fervently (or did they)? Last part of this assessment, then, critically evaluate the various political populists movements that have emerged in the USA since the “Occupy Movement” back in 2011 (eg., code-pink, tea party, moveon, various hashtag events). Are these movements reflective of a new “Third Estate?” Is there a fair comparison? Clearly articulate comparisons between the French Revolution Third Estate (complaints, membership, desires, etc…) and these USA movements. (This should be 1-2 pages) Reading the essay: In your textbook, you can find core ideas on p. 484, 486, and 494 OR you can find the information here in this link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. This essay is dealing primarily with Course Outcome #2 on historical influences, Outcome #3 on the role of the individual, and Outcome #4 on the role of diversity, while using the knowledge from Outcome #1 and historical method from Outcome #6 (and of course “college level writing,” Outcome #7). Consult the syllabus to read these outcomes in greater depth. This should be a 4-6 page essay that demands solid writing based on good historical research (3-5 sources would be best). All citations must be done in the Chicago Style Guide, the citation type for History as a discipline. You SHOULD include a list of your sources on a separate page (that page is NOT part of the 4-6 pages). A cover page is NOT required. This assessment MUST be typed (11 or 12 point font; Times or Calibri is best), 1.5 spacing and possess good grammar, spelling, and a clear, organized thought-process. 

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