The process of eating, drinking, and just swallowing our Nursing Assignment Help

The process of eating, drinking, and just swallowing our saliva is a complex one that involvesmultiple phases and many different muscle groups (more on the muscle groups in Anatomy &Physiology!). When everything is working as it should, the process goes mostly unnoticed.Take some time to notice through completing this brief activity: Have available several bites-worth of two different foods (different textures/consistencies, if possible) and something todrink. Start by taking a bite of food 1. Notice what you are doing through every step of theprocess from taking the bite through swallowing it. Write down the steps & what you notice.(You will not need to submit this, but should refer to it after.) Next, take a bite of food 2, againnoticing the process. Review what you wrote in the first part, then add to it with informationfrom the second bite. Think about what was similar and what was different. Take a sip of yourdrink, again noticing what your body is doing. Compare with the bites of food.Consider what you have learned about swallow function, the importance of swallowing safelyand adequately, and some of the complex decisions involved in managing dysphagia. What didyou learn that was unexpected or most interesting to you? Identify and explain at least twothings. What do you still wonder or what are you curious to learn more about this topic?Write a well-organized, three paragraph discussion addressing the prompt above, citing sources asneeded.

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