The African American Experience in the American West: Civil War and

Topics of particular interest will be gender, enslaved black labor, family relations, culture, resistance and community as well as the lives of free people of color both in the North, South and West, the abolitionist movement the Civil War, Reconstruction and the beginning of the Jim Crow era. It is important to outline the main themes of the African American Experience of the Western states during the Civil War and Reconstruction period with strong analysis as to how certain events or aspects of African American life underscore these themes. Final Paper: 40 % of Final Grade; 10 pages in length. This is a formal writing, research centered assignment. Your paper topic is: The African American Experience in the American West: Civil War and Reconstruction. The 10-page length is minimal and does not include title page, endnotes, or bibliography. No quotes longer than 2 typed sentences are allowed. Papers need to be drawn from a minimum of six independent primary documents and six secondary sources. Primary documents can be taken from online sources. Your secondary sources must be from a UCLA library. You are allowed to take only one secondary source per journal or book. You are allowed to take only one primary source per website or document repository. Refer to Chicago Manual of Style for questions regarding formal writing style for the discipline of history. MLA style is not allowed and will result in grade penalty. Late papers will be deducted 5 points per each day late. All papers will be submitted via by noon on March 18

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