Step 1: Please watch the TED-Ed Talk below on narcissism.

Step 1:  Please watch the TED-Ed Talk below on narcissism.    

Step 2:  Copy and paste the questions below the video into the submission box and then type your answers below each question. Remember, some questions require you to synthesize info from previous chapters.

Critically Evaluate What You Saw

  1. What percentage of the population experience Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Which gender do we find experience higher rates of NPD? Which types of cultures have higher levels of narcissism?
  2. Refer back to your chapter on Lifespan development. What parenting style is more likely to produce grandiose narcissism? What parenting style is more likely to produce vulnerable narcissism?
  3. Do you think grandiose narcissism is generally a good or bad trait in individuals? Why or why not?
  4. Can you think of any celebrities or public figures who seem narcissistic? Provide examples that make you think that. Do you think their narcissism hurts their popularity or actually helps them to remain popular?
  5. How have you seen narcissism play out in the social media platforms you use? You may want to consider people you know in real life and how they might behave narcissistically online. You can think about what you have noticed about yourself and displays of narcissism in your usage of social media.


You will receive 2pts for each answer for a total of 10pts.  Questions should have a minimum of 5 sentences to demonstrate a thoughtful answer that addresses all parts of the question.  It is most important to be THOUGHTFUL in your responses.    


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Assignment Outline