Senior Housing Design

 PART 1 – Required Reading: See pages 3 and 4 of this Assignment Sheet Solitude and Socialization Dementia PART 2 – Research + Analysis: To develop an innovative idea requires conducting some research to understand what ideas have come before. You must become very knowledgeable Senior Housing. You must familiarize yourself with how other contemporary designers have solved the same design problems that you are now facing. As you conduct your research, here are some central questions to help guide your explorations: What fundamental problems do these kinds of projects have? How have other designers solved these problems? Can you think of new ways to address these problems? What is missing in all the precedents you have studied? What are the users (residents) looking for in Senior Housing? How can Senior Housing be designed better? The answers to these questions can result in the core innovative idea that inspires your concept. Can you think of ways to translate these questions into a new interior design aesthetic? PART 3 – Concept + Branding: 1st page In your own words, provide a half-page summary of your concept. Describe the artistic ideas, values, metaphors, or atmospheric moods that will inspire your project’s aesthetic expression. A concept statement can serve as a compass to guide our decision-making during the design process. Include a couple of small thumbnail sketches demonstrating the artistic spirit or impression of your concept. These sketches can be fast and informal. Here are some questions that might help you drill deeper into your concept: Is the concept intended to make people feel a certain way when they enter the building? Is the idea suggestive of an interesting point of view about your client’s industry? How does the idea relate to the shared identity, values, or interests of the users? How does the idea relate to the building’s main purpose? Does the idea reflect any ideas about society in general? Is the idea a social commentary about the culture and times in which we live? 2nd page Create a mood board showcasing your concept. 3rd page Start a preliminary study of your branding. What is the name of your facility? Create a few studies of your logo. TOOLS: Photoshop/ InDesign / Illustrator Pencil Colored pencils or markers Tracing paper Scanner or digital camera SUBMISSION: Using Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator, create an 11×17 layout (landscape) to present your work, including hand sketches, photos, written components, etc. Be sure to include Assignment # and Title. Print 11×17 hard copies and bring to class, one for pin-up and one to turn in.At least 3 pages – as shown in red text above. NOTE: All assignments will be a part of your Final Process Book to be uploaded at the end of the semester for you Final BFA Review.

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