Recruitment Policies and Processes

You should develop a report of 1,000 – 1,500 words on the recruitment policies and processes of a specific company/organisation to present to the ‘HR Director’ of the company. You may either report of an organisation of your choice (eg: a company you have worked for; an organisation you would like to work for ..) . The report should include:

1. A Brief summary / background to the case 2. An analysis of the key issues facing the HR department of the organisation, including any external challenges arising 3. Suggestions and recommendations for specific actions to be taken and solutions to be implemented 4.

A timeline of the actions required from the HR department 5. Bibliography and references, using the Harvard style a) Structure and organisation of the report, including: Harvard-style bibliography and referencing, use of annexes .. b) Use and application of key concepts, theories, and models c) Evidence of research undertaken, including relevant, current data relating to the selected company/organisation d) Use of graphics, diagrammes and images to help communicate ideas e) Conclusions and recommendations arising from the research undertaken

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Assignment Outline