read the first section of Academic Integrity: A Message to My Students

In order to complete the first essay, you must read the first section of Academic Integrity: A Message to My Students written by Professor Bill Taylor (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and read file

1. To access the documents, click the titles. After you have finished reading, respond to the following five questions in the form of a single essay. Do not number your responses. Please write in an essay format and cite appropriately. (500 words or more) 1. Why are personal and academic integrity important to you? How is personal integrity related to academic integrity? Is there a difference?

2. Do you agree or disagree with Professor Taylor when he says that integrity is “an essential part of any true educational experience?” Explain your answer.

3. Explain how at least three of Oregon State University’s Shared Student Values (excluding integrity) relate to issues of academic integrity.

4. Reflect on a person or people, besides yourself, who was/were affected by your act of academic misconduct. How did it affect them? How would you feel if you were impacted by someone else’s academic misconduct? 5. What would your response be if Professor Taylor asked you the following question: “If we don’t have integrity in the small things, if we find it possible to justify plagiarism or cheating… in things that don’t seem important, how will we resist doing the same in areas that really matter?” Do you think that his concern is legitimate or not? Explain.

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