Please review the course objectives stated in the Syllabus. Conduct


Please review the course objectives stated in the Syllabus. Conduct a self-reflection of your learning in the course and how you personally have met each of the course objectives

Course Learning Outcomes After this course, you will be able to: 1. Apply a knowledge base of community health nursing and health teaching skills to the development an educational project with a focus on illness prevention, health promotion and/or health maintenance of individuals, families and groups. 2. Demonstrate use of information technology in data gathering and analysis of a community or a specific population group. 3. Analyze a community assessment to plan a health teaching project that meets the needs of communities and populations 4. Create an educational project that can be utilized by public and community health nurses to improve the health status and eliminate health disparities of individuals, families, communities and populations. 5. Implement the planned teaching project to the selected target population. 6. Collaborate with community partners to provide education designed to improve population health. 7. Record and present evidence of the completion of each phase of the teaching project

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