PHY 241 Research Project You will create an 8-10 minute

PHY 241 Research Project You will create an 8-10 minute video presentation on a topic in physics. The video presentation can be a detailed PowerPoint presentation or any other form of presentation to convey the research project. Topic The topic of the project must be approved by the professor by the date specified. This project must include topics from at least three different modules that have been covered in this course, so choose your topic carefully. This topic can be a current “hot topic” in physics, or a historical discovery from the past. Content The video should include not only the general results of your research, but also how your personal learning in the course has allowed you to understand the topic you are researching. You may use PowerPoint slides or any other visual aids in your video, but it must be a video you create and present. As this is a research project, you will need to cite references. This should be done throughout your presentation, with a list of references at the end. Multiple references should be used. Deliverables The video can be made in Studio, Canvas, or the program of your choosing. The video must have good quality so that your voice and presentation can be seen and understood. Your video will be submitted in a discussion board in Canvas labeled “Physics Research Project”. You may follow the directions on recording and sharing a video in Canvas in your Canvas course site. You will also be required to watch a minimum of 3 other student’s videos and comment meaningfully on their videos. “Great job!” and “Wow I didn’t know that!” do not count as meaningful comments. Write comments about what you learned from the video, how it helped you understand some concept, how it might play a role in your life experiences, or other comments that show a meaningful engagement with the video presentation. List of Requirements for Physics Research Project • Project will be on a physics topic as approved by instructor. This can be something in current physics research or a historical discovery in the past. • Project will be recorded as a video and submitted into Discussion Board “Physics Research Project” • Video length will be at minimum of 8 minutes to a maximum of 10 minutes • Video will specifically include how this topic uses concepts from at least three modules studied. 2 • Video will include how student’s personal learning in the course has allowed them to understand the topic they are researching. • Video will be organized in a logical sequence/fashion and flow well • Video will include references at the end • Student will watch and respond to 3 fellow students video presentations and respond in the discussion group with a meaningful comment to each. Your Checklist Please refer to the checklist to review your video presentation and the postings in the discussion forum to make sure you have completed the research project. • Physics Topic • 3 separate modules • Personal learning experience • 8 to 10 minutes in length • Organized • Physics content • References • Response to other videos.

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