Offenders with substance abuse issues


 Offenders with substance abuse issues

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you will finalize your proposal for an appropriate forensic treatment program for this group. Begin your proposal with an overview of the selected group. This overview should include the following: Characteristics associated with the selected group such as gender, sex, type of offense, age, ethnicity, possible mental health issues, substance abuse issues, etc. Challenges and issues they may face in a correctional setting. A thorough explanation regarding the development of a specialized program for this group and why it is important to those who belong to it and the correctional system as a whole. Next, discuss the following: Explain how you will determine who is eligible for your program. Indicate which assessment methods and instruments you will use to determine this. Determine which treatment model(s) you would use. Support your choice with information on relevant evidence-based practices. Identify the possible challenges in treating this population within a forensic setting. Explain how you would modify treatment to address these challenges, and then explain how will you modify treatment to deal with these challenges.

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