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When discussing mortality, community health should be discussed to explain it more. Examining the issues in a certain community shows insight into what the people inside it go through. With healthcare barriers such as finances transportation, lack of awareness, etc this all leads to health problems that can sometimes be avoided. Each community has its own demographics as well as underlying heath issues. As health professionals it is noted of a known goal to provide the best treatment and care possible. As healthcare trends come and go it is important to be consciously aware of what is happening in the world. The textbook states that “Real differences include changes in the age distribution of the population for each year that is being reported, changes in survival—due perhaps to clinical or technical innovation in treatment—and changes in the incidence of disease as a result of environmental or genetic factors, such as a change in living habits or environmental conditions”(Fleming, 2021) Observing mortality and the rates associated with it involves looking at an entire situation than just the surface level information.

Identifying all the factors is crucial when developing an idea of mortality in an area. The textbook also states that “The concept of risk adjustment adds multiple dimensions to this process by recognizing that many factors, in addition to age, affect the likelihood of mortality” (Fleming, 2021) Risk adjustment plays a role due to helping data and research be done. By examining the similar issues multiple communities have, a consensus can be hypothesized of a bigger issue. Using the data from the adjustments developed by other health professionals, a solution can be created with good sense. Allowing progression to be developed as well as a decrease in mortality rates. 


Fleming, S. T. (2021). Managerial epidemiology: Cases & concepts (4th ed.). Health Administra


Mortality rates, if properly standardized, also are a useful measure of quality of care with which nursing homes, and individual physicians and surgeons can be graded on their performance. Mortality statistics are particularly useful for epidemiologic surveillance, research, and measures of population health because these data are widely available as part of the vital records of most developed countries. Risk adjustment mortality rates are a process by which mortality rates, typically hospital or physician-specific mortality rates, are adjusted taking into consideration patient risks, as stated by the book. Risk adjustment adds multiple dimensions to this process by recognizing that many factors, in addition to age, affect the likelihood of mortality (Fleming, 2021).

In regard to the relevance it plays in health services management, genetics, involve genetically determined traits or genetic predisposition to specific health conditions. Demographics include age, sex, race and ethnicity, primary language, country of origin, and immigration status. Clinical factors, acute physiological stability, sensory function, cognitive status, and mental and emotional health. Socioeconomic status, familial characteristics, educational attainment, and economic resources to name a few. Health-related behaviors and activities, tobacco use, diet and nutrition, obesity, and unsafe sexual practices. And lastly, quality of life, overall health status and quality of life, and religious beliefs or behaviors (Fleming, 2021).


Fleming, S. T. (2021). Managerial epidemiology: cases and concepts. Health Administration Press; Association of University Programs in Health Administration.

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