Nazareth College The Likelihood of Patients to Use Telehealth Survey Questions Nursing Assignment Help

 Working on a research question: Are patients over the age of 65 less likely to use telehealth when compared with patients under the age of 65?

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The research question at hand seeks to investigate the potential difference in telehealth utilization between patients over the age of 65 and patients under the age of 65. Telehealth is a rapidly emerging field within the healthcare industry that allows patients to access medical care remotely, using telecommunications technology. Given the increasing acceptance and adoption of telehealth services, it is essential to gauge any variations in usage based on the age of the patient population.

To explore the research question, we would conduct a cross-sectional study involving a representative sample of patients from both age groups. The sample would ideally include diverse demographics and include patients from different geographic locations.

The first step would involve designing an appropriate questionnaire or survey to assess telehealth utilization. The survey should encompass relevant variables such as patients’ age, gender, geographic location, technological proficiency, access to internet or technology, and prior experience with telehealth services.

To collect data, patients from both age groups would be invited to complete the survey, which could be conducted either online or through in-person interviews. It is crucial to ensure unbiased data collection by clearly explaining the purpose of the study and keeping the responses confidential.

Next, statistical analysis techniques would be employed to compare the telehealth utilization rates between the two age groups. Descriptive statistics would help summarize the data by providing proportions, means, and standard deviations. To assess the relationship between age and telehealth usage, a hypothesis test (e.g., Chi-squared test or t-test) could be conducted.

If the data indicates a significant difference in telehealth utilization between the age groups, further analysis could be carried out to determine potential reasons behind this disparity. Additional variables such as barriers to technology adoption, medical conditions prevalence, and socio-economic factors may be considered.

To enhance the study’s credibility, potential confounding variables should be identified and accounted for. For example, the presence of underlying medical conditions may influence the likelihood of utilizing telehealth services, irrespective of age. Thus, multivariate analysis techniques, such as logistic regression, could be employed to control for these confounders.

In conclusion, investigating the difference in telehealth utilization between patients over 65 and those under 65 requires a well-designed study that incorporates adequate sample size, comprehensive data collection, and appropriate statistical analysis. The findings of this research can contribute valuable insights to healthcare providers, policymakers, and technology developers aiming to enhance telehealth accessibility and adoption among different age groups.

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