Microbiology in a movie

What this assignment is about is watching an approved moviethat is based on current or past issues relate to microbiology, the assignment to watch an approvedmovie, and write a synopsis on not what just happened in the move, but also since you have hadmicrobiology, critique the movie from a scientific point of view. Hollywood tends to “Ad lib” parts of anon-fictional story and spice it up with fiction on order to sell the movie (or make a happy ending). Theassignment will be as follows: You will write a 2-3 page paper (double spaced 11 pt. font, single sidedpaper) on the movie of your choice from the list below and include: a short synopsis of the movie,storyline and characters, followed by a scientific critique of the movie (this is the important part).

Critiques might include: plausibility, erroneous science, epidemiological mistakes, biological mistakes,and historical mistakes.This assignment will be due on the date of the final examApproved movies:MOVIESOutbreak (1995)Contagion (2011)Andromeda Strain (1971)Gattaca (1997)The story of Luis Pasteur (1936) available on you tubeDr. Ehrlichs Magic Bullet (1940)And the Band Played On (1993) available on you tubeThe Crazies (2010)I am Legend (2007)Winds of terror (2001)DocumentariesEbola: the Plague fightersSmallpox 2002 : The Silent WeaponPLEASE NO ZOMBIE MOVIES !!

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Assignment Outline