Memory & Cognition

In Module 2, you learned about the myth of multitasking and the problem with divided attention. For this assignment, you are being asked to do a study on yourself. First, you will read a popular press article entitled, “The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..” Then, embark on the following study – to actually practice only doing one thing at a time: Educate yourself. Find one scholarly article on multi-tasking and write a synopsis of the article. A quick search of “multitasking” on (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. will offer you a plethora of options. If you see one you like, go to the ASU library system to find the full text. Select a timeframe for your self-study. For some of you, this may be only a couple of hours. Write a plan of how you will engage in only one activity at a time during your allotted time. For example, you might allot certain times in the day to read e-mail, you might indicate how you plan to iron with the TV off, you might commit to putting your phone away during a meeting, or you might drive with the radio off. Enact your plan and take notes as you go along on what you are experiencing. But, take a separate moment to jot notes – don’t take notes while doing something else! Remember, one thing at a time, for whatever time frame you indicate. At the end of the timeframe, while your memories are fresh, write a summary of what it was like to have focused attention on one thing at a time for a period of time. The written product you submit will contain the following sections: Pre-assessment: Summarize your current multitasking habits before you embark on the self-study. Scholarly article summary: In one paragraph, summarize the findings of the scholarly article you chose in your own words. Do not use any direct quotes in this section. Your plan: Indicate the details of the plan you set out for yourself, including the timeframe and a basic description of the setting in which your self-study occurred. Analysis: Report on the results of your attempt to do one thing at a time. (This will likely be 2-3 paragraphs.) Reflection: Reflect on both what you learned in Chapter 3( this is about attention and consciousness) about multitasking and divided attention, as well as this self-study, and indicate if your views on multitasking have changed as a result Reference: Include an APA style reference for the scholarly article you chose and a reference for the textbook if you chose to cite it.

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Assignment Outline