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This order is a case study report on a case study about knowledge management.

Write a report which will address the following format: Cover Page To Include Case Study Title, Student Number, Date of Submission Contents Page Details of each key section of the report with page numbers on the right-hand side of the page. Executive Summary This should be written last to focus on key points/findings. The main report should include: Introduction Provide an introduction that explains what aspects of knowledge management and organisational learning you have discussed in the report. This needs to explain what will be covered in the report with a brief mention of why. Body i.e. key discussions •Critically analysing Key Issues/Goals/Problems (This section should include your decision criteria. There should be a good review of the current approach with analysis and good use of theories/models/concepts. This might also include what might be the preferred alternatives with rationale. • Consider including a Justification i.e. you need to make it clear why you are thinking in this way. this means using academic referenced sources for evidence and support. It is important that all guesstimates or creative ideas be founded upon some rationale which means that you will need to use relevant models/theories/concepts in order to undertake analysis and to develop arguments. (Please ask your lecturer, if you are in any way unsure.) • Conclusion • Recommendations – based on the word count, this should be one recommendation which is robustly written which means it is about 500-700 words and also has referenced sources to support assertions. • References It is recommended that you source academic journals, periodicals, and textual references from text books as well as any online research. If you use some online research, please make sure that you use academic sources rather than blogs and general websites. Make sure you support your ideas relevant analysis and evidence. There should be in text citations as well as a reference list at the end. Please check Cite then right online for Harvard referencing. 3. What you need to do You will be expected to work through the case study and identify what the key issues covered in the case study are. It is up to you, which aspects of knowledge management and organisational learning you wish to focus on. Having identified the aspects that you wish to focus on, you will be expected to show your knowledge of theories/models/concepts relating to knowledge management and organizational learning to analyse them. You should be able to discuss what the advantages are of this approach and also what the drawbacks might be, and this will be done from the perspective of the application of theories/models/concepts. Identify different alternatives and potential future actions to take which will be relevant to the context of the case study. Again, there will be a use of theories/models/concepts to support what you are suggesting. 4. The case study KM The Bourg Telecom Way 1. Knowledge Management “Knowledge Management is a business model embracing knowledge as an organizational asset to drive sustainable business advantage. It is a management discipline that promotes an integrated approach to create, identify, evaluate, capture, enhance, share and apply an enterprise’s intellectual capital“writes a consultant. “Knowledge Management is not a shrink-wrapped functional solution, it is a combination of technology, methodology, and corporate belief in the competitive advantage to be gained from KM“ explains another consultant. The discussion on the concepts of Knowledge Management is very intense between consultants. Actually, there are many definitions of the Knowledge Management and, may be, it’s due to the lack of operational experiences. So, for a lot of professionals the Knowledge Management is still a concept. The case underneath presents the approach of the Knowledge Management adopted by a well-known French company. 2. The Bourg Telecom way With more than six million customers and a network covering 98 per cent of France, Bourg Telecom, created in 1994 as a subsidiary of the Bourg global industrial group, has established itself as one of the most dynamic and innovative players in the French mobile telephony market. But size can be a challenge – as with most large companies, Bourg Telecom was struggling to manage the flow of information and know-how across the organisation. At times, departments and individuals were unable to collaborate effectively with employees in many parts of the business. At the end of 2009, Bourg Telecom launched an initiative aimed at maximising the value of its business and employee intelligence. More than discussing about the Knowledge Management and the way of implementing it, the idea of Bourg Telecom is to define and develop short and practical KM projects. But research into the solutions available at that time proved disappointing. They were difficult to implement, hard to manage and far too expensive. So the company issued an invitation to tender. Following careful research of the market, Microsoft’s SharePoint Portal Server solution was selected because it is easy to implement and flexible enough to meet the various requirements of the Bourg Telecom business. Described as a single knowledge

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