Is it fair that the government uses the Travel Act,


  1. Is it fair that the government uses the Travel Act, a statute passed in one era for a specific type of conduct, to prosecute individuals in another era for another type of conduct?
  2. Have you or anyone you know been impacted by the _Forest Park_ case? If so, how? If not, find someone in the healthcare field and ask them what they know about the case and if it has changed their perceptions of healthcare fraud.
  3. Why do you think the government reinforces the 7 key elements of a compliance program?
  4. The value-based model is the future of government reimbursed healthcare. Is that a good for healthcare in the United States generally? Will it lead to higher quality patient care? What about its impact on innovation?
  5. How has this course altered your perceptions of health care fraud? Will it alter your decision-making and future conduct?

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