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Recruit at least one user in your target population who will use your website or mobile app. Ask the participant to perform certain tasks on a competitive website you chose, while talking to you about it as appropriate. Take notes about what you observe. Afterward, spend 10 minutes interviewing the participant about the activity that you observed. Use the interview questions you developed in ACT3: User and Task Analysis. Using your observations and the results of your interview, document your findings following the instructions below. Discuss 3–5 primary tasks the user would do when he or she comes to the site/app. Discuss 3–5 key characteristics of the user that would affect his or her motivation and ability to successfully complete the tasks on the site. Discuss other special considerations you should keep in mind when designing the site/app. Your report should not exceed 500 words. Hand in your report as a single HTML page using the Canvas text entry feature or as a PDF. Other additional matter The two group of users are: Users 1: Business People Users 2: College students Individually, define 3–5 key characteristics of the user group that would affect their motivation and ability to use the site/app. The two groups of users who will most likely be users of the website/app are business people, and college students. Based on the travel focus of the website/app, and the lifestyles that each user group tends to traditionally exhibit; the characteristics that will predictably affect their motivations and ability to use the website/app are their need for convenience, efficiency, cost-consciousness, thoroughness, informative, frugality. Interview Questions: 1.) Why would use an online travel website/app? 2.) What would make you hesitant about using and online travel website/app? 3.) When your making travel arrangements and decide to use an online travel site, what is your main purpose when you access the website/app? 2 4.) If ___ your main purpose, does that purpose change or expand while using the website/app, for instance could searching for flight information lead to the purchase of flight tickets? 5.) if you had to become a member of the site to make a purchase, would you do so? 6.) What benefits from the website would you want, that would convince you to become a member? 7.) What categories of information would you want on an online travel website/app? 8.) Within each category of information what facts are the most important: location, price, accommodations, discounts? 9.) What type of follow-up, if any, would you want an online travel website/app to provide to you such as calendaring functionality, reminder alarms? 10.) What sorts of payment options would you want from an online travel website/app credit card, Paypal, Venmo, Apple Wallet? 11.) Where are you must likely to use or access an online travel website/app: desktop, tablet, smartphone? 12.) Should the website/app focus on providing lowest prices, lowest prices and schedule, comparison of prices, or all of the above in analyzing your

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