Industry Evolution and Strategic change

You are expected to use the core text (Grant and Jordan 2015) as the main source of theory with other theory taken from sources relevant to the learning set. Structure of Work: A title page with name, student number(s), the module code and the title of your work An introduction, main body and conclusion You are encouraged to include headings and subheadings to improve the clarity of work You can use bullet points where appropriate You can include tables, diagrams and images where appropriate but these must have a title and a source of reference included Please include page numbers You are expected to use in-text referencing throughout, and the use of Harvard Referencing is essential(please check the Harvard Reference guide on Studynet if you need further information). Please note that you can be asked to attend a viva session to discuss submitted work. Ask yourself, Have I cited all sources using the Harvard referencing system? Have I listed in my reference list all authors cited in-text? Have I put speech marks around quotations and cited the source. If I changed the sentence structure of any sources (paraphrased), have I cited that source? Is my discussion predominantly my own with my citations being used to justify my arguments?

Set four: Industry Evolution and Strategic change Using the sources available and examples from at least three organisations identify the main factors that need to be considered when developing a strategy in relation to the industries that you are interconnected with. What are the opportunities and challenges of adapting strategy that has been informed from the ILC model? Moreover, how change can be managed as industry evolves? Reading: Chapter 5 Grant and Jordan Performance will be assessed using HBS Grading Criteria. The Marking Scheme for this assignment is: Marking Criteria for Assignment One part B: Learning Set Individual Summary:

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