How important is the institution of family in the video “Poor Kids?”

Sources and Works Cited Page: You must cite information from chapters 4 & 9.

You are also expected to cite information from at least one outside source. The outside source must be from peer reviewed, scholarly journals. You will also need to cite the video. This means you will have a total of at least FOUR sources on your works cited page (two chapters from your book, one outside source, and the movie). Additional tips: Follow the formatting guidelines closely Minimum 5 COMPLETE pages. Less than 5 complete pages will be penalized. Include a title page. You will be docked points if you forget to include it. The information on the title page should not be included at the top of your first content page. Number your pages. The title page should not be numbered. Please review and proofread your papers. There are a large number of students, so your TAs are being instructed to stop reading your paper after the 5th obvious mistake and give you a grade. Do not oversummarize general concepts to take up space. You do not have the space. If done correctly, you should require a minimum of all 5 pages to finish your response. You do not receive any style points. Jump straight into the topic and begin the response. The goal of the paper is to prove you can critically analyze the material. Your task is to address the following questions: How important is the institution of family in the video “Poor Kids?” Did issues of poverty affect parenting styles in any way you could tell? How do you think poverty changed the way the kids oriented themselves to their parents? What unique challenges were created by intersections of race and gender with poverty? Your paper is due in-class, hard-copy on Friday, 3/15 – NO EXCEPTIONS. If you believe you are going to be absent that day, I would suggest finding a classmate willing to turn it in for you. Rubric:

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