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1. PART 1: The medical application selection for this assignment is contingent upon the month of your birthday. Use the table below to identify the Medical App for this assignment.

Your Birth MonthMedical App for Assignment January, FebruaryMDCalc March, April, MayMedscape June, July, AugustThe Chief Complaint September, OctoberPocket Pharmacist(PocketRx)November, DecemberSingleCare

Use the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple iTunes App Store for Apple devices to search for the medical application as determined by the table above.

In order to complete the following guided appraisal, download the app to a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). The apps are free and do not require purchase to complete this assignment.

2. PART 2: Answer the Medical App Critical Appraisal questions thoughtfully and comprehensively. Use the criteria headings on this outline as the headings on your properly APA- formatted paper.

NAME: What is the name of the app?

AUTHOR: Who created, developed, or maintains the app? Explain.

ENDORSEMENT: Is the app licensed by the Food and Drug Administration, other government agency, or endorsed by an academic institution or medical professional organization? Explain.

OPERATION: Which platform (mobile or web-based) is suitable for the app and why?

AESTHETICS: Is the information displayed in a way that is easy to navigate? Is it easy to use? Can you use it without instructions? Explain.

PURPOSE: What is the intended purpose or use of the app?

CLINICAL DECISION MAKING: What influence does the app have on clinical decision making? Explain.

SAFETY: Is there potential for patient harm? Explain.

PRIVACY/SECURITY: Does the app have privacy statement or setting? Is there a clear privacy policy stating information will be encrypted and not shared with third parties? Does the app share information on social networks? Are users notified in the event of a breach of privacy and health information? Explain.

USER: For whom is the app intended (providers, patients, or others)? Explain.

DISTRIBUTION: Is it designed for local use or wider distribution? Explain.

CREDIBILITY: How credible are the sources of information? How do you know? Explain.

RELEVANCE: How current is the information in the app? When was the last update? Is the content consistent with evidence-based literature or best practices/standards of care? Explain.

3. PART 3: Provide one example of an appropriate patient or clinical scenario for this app. The example should include the following details:

Patient Age-population (Pediatric, Adult, Geriatric)

Clinical Setting (Hospital, Private Practice, Extended Living Facility)

History of Present Illness and Diagnosis or Condition

Provide a detailed description of the app in your example. When will the app be implemented (at the Point-of-care or elsewhere)? Who will use the app? What potential impact will it have on the scenario? Incorporate the critical appraisal information from Part 2. 

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In this assignment, we will be conducting a critical appraisal of a medical application. The chosen medical app will depend on the month of your birthday, as outlined in the table provided. We will then answer a series of questions about the app, evaluating its various aspects such as the author, endorsement, operation, aesthetics, purpose, clinical decision making influence, safety, privacy/security, user, distribution, credibility of information sources, and relevance of the information. Finally, we will provide an example of an appropriate patient or clinical scenario for the app, incorporating the critical appraisal information from Part 2.

Answer to Content:

1. PART 1: The medical application for this assignment will be determined based on the month of your birthday. Please refer to the table below to identify the specific medical app assigned to you:

– January, February: MDCalc
– March, April, May: Medscape
– June, July, August: The Chief Complaint
– September, October: Pocket Pharmacist (PocketRx)
– November, December: SingleCare

To access the app, please visit the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple iTunes App Store for Apple devices and search for the app as indicated in the table above. It is essential to download and install the app on your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to complete the guided appraisal for the assignment.

2. PART 2: Critical Appraisal Questions

– NAME: The name of the app should be mentioned here.
– AUTHOR: Provide information about the creator, developer, or current maintainer of the app.
– ENDORSEMENT: Explain whether the app is licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), any other government agency, or endorsed by academic institutions or medical professional organizations.
– OPERATION: Determine which platform (mobile or web-based) is suitable for the app and explain the reasons behind your choice.
– AESTHETICS: Evaluate whether the information displayed in the app is easy to navigate and use without instructions.
– PURPOSE: Specify the intended purpose or use of the app.
– CLINICAL DECISION MAKING: Analyze the influence of the app on clinical decision making and provide reasoning.
– SAFETY: Assess the potential for patient harm associated with using the app and provide an explanation.
– PRIVACY/SECURITY: Analyze the app’s privacy statement or settings, and determine whether there is a clear privacy policy in place, which includes encryption and nondisclosure of information to third parties. Also, determine if the app shares information on social networks and whether users are notified in case of privacy and health information breaches.
– USER: Identify the target users of the app (providers, patients, or others) and explain your rationale.
– DISTRIBUTION: Analyze whether the app is designed for local use or wider distribution and provide reasoning.
– CREDIBILITY: Evaluate the credibility of the information sources within the app and provide an explanation of how you have determined their credibility.
– RELEVANCE: Determine the currency of the information in the app, including the last update, and assess whether the content aligns with evidence-based literature or best practices/standards of care.

3. PART 3: Example of App Implementation

– Patient Age-population: Specify whether the app is suitable for pediatric, adult, or geriatric patients.
– Clinical Setting: Describe the appropriate clinical setting where the app can be utilized, such as a hospital, private practice, or extended living facility.
– History of Present Illness and Diagnosis or Condition: Provide a detailed account of the patient’s history of present illness and diagnosis or medical condition.
– Description of the App and Implementation: Describe the app being utilized in this particular scenario, including its main features and functionality. Explain when and how it will be implemented, who will use it in the scenario, and assess its potential impact based on the critical appraisal information from Part 2.

Please ensure that your answers are properly formatted in APA style and address each criterion comprehensively.

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