Due tomorrow the 11th at 11:59pm Book: Initimate Relationships (third

 Due tomorrow the 11th at 11:59pm

Book: Initimate Relationships (third edition) Thomas N Badbury

In the course text, the authors suggest one way we understand/experience conflict is as a result of competing goals (originally proposed by Kurt Lewin).

You are expected to provide a (non-violent) interpersonal relationship conflict scenario – there are three approaches you can use to accomplish this: (you only need to choose one approach)

  1. Provide a link to a media source example (suggested approach)
  2. Personal story/connection example you are comfortable sharing
  3. Create a unique hypothetical example

Whichever approach you choose is up to you as long as it sufficiently accomplishes the primary goal of setting the stage to discuss an appropriate interpersonal relationships conflict scenario addressing each of the following: [2 points each]

  1. Set the stage: What is going on? Describe the conflict or problem scenario in adequate detail.
    1. Who are the two primary partners in conflict?
    2. What background information do we need to know or understand before moving forward?
    3. What is the nature of the conflict or problem?
    4. Why is this a problem?
  2. What are the conflicting goals (or presumed conflicting goals) for the two primary people in the conflict scenario?
    1. Goal for Partner #1
    2. Goal for Partner #2
  3. Indicate/connect/apply/describe at least three relevant destructive strategies from Table 10.1 to the scenario. {See table below}
    1. Destructive Strategy #1
    2. Destructive Strategy #2
    3. Destructive Strategy #3
  4. How would you describe/suggest utilizing at least three relevant constructive strategies from Table 10.1 to resolve this conflict? {See table below}
    1. Constructive Strategy #1
    2. Constructive Strategy #2
    3. Constructive Strategy #3
  5. Given what was discussed in the course text, what would you believe to be the most effective, respectful, functional, and/or realistic resolution to this conflict scenario given the goals of the two primary people involved? (This is required)
    • If available, or if you feel comfortable or are able to share, you are welcome to share the actual resolution to the conflict scenario. (This item in green is optional, not required.)

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