Assignment: For this Case 1, please write a Sampedro tweet

Assignment: For this Case 1, please write a Sampedro tweet on: what should the Board of Directors do next?

“SAMPEDRO TWEETS” A  few semesters ago, one of my students came up with the name “SAMPEDRO TWEET” to represent this concept. When you are in a board room or working with senior executives, you cannot speak or write in paragraphs; you need to be able to present cogent comments. How you say it is equally important to what you say…  So, each student should post a “SAMPEDRO TWEET” (no more than approximately 40 words) text submission in the text entry box (found below when you are ready to start the assignment) on your takeaway on the case. To do this simply condense and synthesize your thoughts to a TWEET. Do not do a summary of the case; do not throw out every possible thought. Work to synthesize your thoughts on the case. When writers synthesize successfully, they present new ideas based on interpretations of other evidence or arguments “Synthesizing is the process whereby a student merges new information with prior knowledge to form a new idea, perspective, or opinion to generate insight” (Shannon Bumgarner).

TIP: If you are having trouble with your tweets, write your answer for yourself, as long as you need to make it to articulate your thinking, and keep re-writing your answer until you have taken the single most important element. In effect, don’t get tangled in long explanations; simply wordsmith your answer to a shorter version.

PLEASE In no more than approximately 40 words, write a “tweet” synthesizing your takeaway from this case. Think of it as an effective Executive Summary.

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