ANCC Magnet Hospitals

Here’s an example of the structure for this essay: Introductory Paragraph “There are many types of pets a human can choose, but is there a better choice? Cats and dogs both have their benefits…” Three Body Paragraphs Side A – Cats are better, and why. Side B – Dogs are better, and why. My side – “After reviewing all the evidence, it is clear that dogs are better…” Concluding Paragraph “Although dogs and cats are both great…” Your topic is: “ANCC Magnet Hospitals” Use the LIRN to find sources which support your paper. Click on Databases #42142 access code The essay has the following requirements. 12 pt, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1 inch margins 2 outside sources, cited in APA format in the body of your paper, and fully cited at the end. A cover page and a reference page is required.

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