Analysis of poems Allison Joseph’s “On being told i speak like a black

The Essay is a reaction and understanding and refelction of how poems Allison Joseph’s “On being told i speak like a black person” and how it relates to you as the writer. The first 2 paragraphs i would desire to most likely summarize what the poem is talking about and towards the second paragraph; more on how this poem is an example of unnecessary and over the top stereotypes for colored people. Also reflect on why this is a negative thing. 3rd, 4th and 5th paragraphs and and give 3 main reason as to why you agree w the author. Each main reason should have information on the reason and also how it compares to you as well as persuading the reador to as well agree w why the author has a point. Towards the last paragraphs it would be summarizing the poem again and also how the peom is important and why. Towards the ending of the essay it would be best to give your own opinion and response on everything. Speak on why Allison Jospeh has a point in what he is saying and what it tells us from the way society thinks about each ones race and the way society pushes them into a box.

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