A marketing plan for a particular service or product

Your final assignment due for the class you will write a 10-page marketing plan for a particular service or product of your choosing; this can be selected from an organization you are familiar with, one for which you previously, currently, or would like to work for, or a fictional organization of your design. The following components should be included in your plan:

a. Executive Summary (1/2page) b. Organization Profile (1 page) c. Environmental Analysis

i. Industry overview (1 pages) ii. Service overview (1 pages) d. Target Market (1 pages) e. Competitive Analysis (1 pages) f. Promotional Strategy (2 pages) g. Alignment with Organization Mission & Vision (1 page) h. Distribution Plan (1/2 pages) i. Plan for Performance Measurement (2 pages) **NOTE** Your paper must be in APA format and contain a minimum of 5 references. Our class book being one. Zuckerman, A. (2012). Healthcare Strategic Planning, 3rd Ed., Health Administration Press. The link to the book is below its password and username protected. LINK: https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/

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Assignment Outline