: A final project, including a 3-5 page (single-spaced not


: A final project, including a 3-5 page (single-spaced not included map images) written report will be due – upload to Canvas on May 12th by midnight.  Your written report will present an analysis of your images, what you learned or found, and lead to an overall argument that answers your early research question regarding your final mapping site and study of inquiry.   

(My map proposal is about homelessness in San Diego and its relationship to low-income areas throughout the county. I will gather information about the income of each city and how homelessness is being affected by it to support my analysis. Use at least 5 articles from SDSU love library to support my research ideas. I will also use several maps with visual colors to distinguish between the different cities on the map. After adding all the maps, I will draw a comprehensive conclusion to support my research.)

You will produce at least 8 unique map images and use those images to conduct an in-depth analysis of issues affecting your site. The final project requires you to apply your GIS analysis techniques, learn data retrieval and data analysis, and ArcGIS skills to a research topic of your choice, as well as encourage you to practice your presentation of maps. Remember that all maps must be in the format that meets class mapping standards (exported, not screencaps) and will be judged for difficulty level, clarity of data presented, correct formatting, as well as aesthetic appeal.

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